Military Pigeons Soar and Snap

German scientists turn common pigeons into military grade photographers.

    We’ve all heard of carrier pigeons and homing pigeons, but in 1909, in pre-war Germany, military scientists were training pigeons to be ariel photographers. This sounds really high tech, and you’re wondering how anyone can train a pigeon to flap it’s feathers around the flash button on a camera, but it was really less training and more engineering.

    The military developed super small automatic cameras that could be strapped to the bodies of homing pigeons. The pigeons could then fly around a certain terrain (the enemy’s of course) while the camera took photos at certain intervals. The birds were stored in a portable loft with a built-in darkroom for quick development of the photos.
Pigeons have actually been used for hundreds of years to send messages to people far and wide.

    How to Use:
1.Get a pigeon.
2.Train it to fly from you to a specific location and back to you. (Good luck).
3.Once trained, get a mini military automatic action camera from 1909 and strap it to the wing joints of the pigeon.
4.Whisper the coordinates to the pigeon (so nosy spies can’t hear).
5.Loose the pigeon and wait for it to come back.
6.When the pigeon returns, use the dark room/pigeon loft to develop the film.
7.Reward the pigeon for it’s hard work.

    It’s not clear whether the pigeon or the wrangler develops the film; probably depends on how clever the pigeon is.

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