The “New” Select Start Coffeehouse… Featuring Sandwich Inventions

New and rapidly evolving Select Start CoffeeHouse within the Shops of Oakwood has opened the doors. We are not replicants, pod people, or part of any scheme to trick you into a false sense of caffeinated heaven you once knew. We are and have always been the real thing. Come in and drink the best experimental espresso and tea drinks this side of the Mississippi.

New Leveled-Up premium sandwiches on fresh baked artisan bread with the finest toppings. No animals were harmed in the creation of these sandwiches (well OK no more than were necessary for deli slices).

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One comment on “The “New” Select Start Coffeehouse… Featuring Sandwich Inventions

  1. After a long morning battling a cyclops, I worked up quite an appetite. Stopped into my favorite coffee house and was lucky enough to be the first one to try the new sandwiches. The surprising thing was that this was their first one, because it tasted like some serious sandwich-creating skills that had been honed over time. Delicious. Xena & I will be back in soon!

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