So Long and Thanks for all the Fish…

This is not a goodbye forever. As many of you know circumstances have suddenly arisen and we are now being forced to leave the Shops of Oakwood. As we regroup and figure out where to go with the shop and our lives we shall keep everyone informed.

We deeply appreciate all of the support and love that we have received from so many of you. This has been a beautiful experiment. My only regret is that I only saw a small portion of the business completed. We wanted to bring so much more to the community.

Tonight we ask you to join us one last time for a goodbye party starting at 6:30pm. All of you are welcome to join us for a private party beginning at 10pm. BYOB

So Long and Thanks for all the Love…
Anthony J. Canterbury

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5 comments on “So Long and Thanks for all the Fish…

  1. avatarjlearner33 on said:

    Please please please move to the old Boston Stoker location on Brown Street! There is a void of good coffee shops in that area since they’ve left! We just have a very small starbucks a few blocks away, Press, which has become a bit of a bearded hipster hangout (not my thing), and Ghost Light Coffee on Wayne, which apparently will not actually ever open.

  2. avatarMichaelR on said:

    Anthony nailed I got nothing to add hear.

    @Jay : We are working on a surprisingly large number of options.

  3. How close are you to kicking open the doors on a new place and setting up shop? If you need some assistance do not hesitate to ask.

    If I do not find someplace new to plan changing the world while slurping my espresso shake the consequences could be dire for humanity.

  4. Any updates? Are you guys coming back? I need my coffee!

  5. avatarerika_m on said:

    Do you think you guys coming back anywhere, anytime in the future?

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