Drip – The fresh locally roasted Coffee(s) of the Day (COD).
French Press – Your choice of our fresh roasted beans ground on the spot, to fully extract the coffee’s flavors in … of course, a french press.
Cafe au Lait – Drip coffee with steamed milk.
Espresso Romano – A double shot of espresso run short for less bitters.
Espresso Macchiato – A double shot of espresso run through micro foam.
Americano – Named after the GIs from WWII; espresso paired with water of the same temp to retain the crema and subtle flavors.
Red Eye – A cup of the Coffee(s) of the Day with a double shot of espresso.
Cappuccino – We do it traditionally, half espresso, a quarter milk, a quarter micro foam.
American Latte – A drink popularized by big chain stores claiming to sell coffee, and of course milk bars across the world. One part espresso with roughly five parts milk.
European Latte – A Traditional latte consisting of equal parts espresso and steamed milk excellent with or without our 1883 organic syrups.
Breve – A latte with half and half instead of milk.
Cubano – A double shot of our espresso run into raw sugar and stirred.
Ocelatte – A latte with chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut. A better Mocha.
– A small potent brew with a special blend of arabica, robusta, excelsa, and catimor coffee prepared in a small press which slowly drips over a sweet milk blend (be prepared to wait 10-15min).


Premium Tea – Your choice of tea served in a cup or teapot.
Special Tea – Our rare and luxury teas for just a bit more.
Red Shift Latte – An award winning rooibos red tea run through our espresso machine. Once paired with the soy it takes flavors perfectly.
Chai Latte – Our organic Indian Chai served hot or iced which happens to be a one of our signature drinks.
Flavored Iced Tea – A premium Black or Jasmine Green tea with a shot of flavor.
Milk Tea – Jasmine tea served over ice with a sweet milk blend.
Bubble Tea – A Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls.
Soylent Green – Matcha ( stone ground Japanese green tea) , soy, a splash of people vanilla or almond which is steamed to perfection to create a light refreshing cup of people !! Latte.


Espresso Shake – One of our signature drinks. A shake consisting of premium vanilla bean ice cream, a couple shots of our Start Blend Espresso and cream.
Milk Shakes – Old fashioned with your choice of organic syrup and/or frozen fruit (limited availability on some items ask for details)
Malts – Ice cream, milk, malt; heavy on the malt. Your choice of any flavor, but we recommend chocolate or vanilla
Frappe – A nice strong blending of ice, cream, our Start Blend espresso and a flavor. This is not your average Frappe.
Strawberry Milk – Real strawberry with a touch of almond makes it perfect
Chocolate Sutra – Organic chai and Ghirardelli chocolate sauces blended with premium vanilla bean ice cream and cream, a very decadent treat and the perfect gift for someone you wish to love.
Smoothies – Another subcategory of drinks in our Select Start Signature Series 9000 made with 100% real frozen fruit and juice (well there is some raw local honey thrown in). No powders, no ice, no added processed sugars, no soy, just fruit and juice.
* Berry – A mix of blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, banana and apple juice.
* Berry Relief – As above but with pomegranate flavored Russian yogurt with live active cultures and pro-biotics.
* Tropical – Banana, peach, pineapple, orange and orange juice.

Handmade Sodas

Italian Soda
– Like an old fashioned soda shop. Carbonated water with your choice of flavor.
Italian Cream Soda – Same with a little heavy cream added.
Floats – Soda with two scoops of natural vanilla bean ice cream.
Super Conductor – A custom energy soda (taurine, caffeine, and ginseng), with your choice of flavoring.


Deli Sandwiches – all breads are made fresh by Boosalis Bakery then stacked with Boar’s Head meats and cheeses with crisp romaine lettuce.
* Leveled-Up Sandwich Menu

Pizza – sold by the slice or pie … usually available during special events, always available by request if, you and a friend(s) buy the whole 14 inch pie with unlimited toppings .
Hummus – whipped with olive oil, garlic and red pepper, served with toasted seasoned Pita wedges and a seasonal vegetable .
Yogurt Parfaits – berries, locally farmed honey, organic granola
Granola Cereal – organic granola with berries, your choice of milk

Fresh Pastries – We have an ever evolving selection of baked goods which can include, but are not limited to
* Scones: Buttered Ginger, Orange Cream Cranberry, Cheddar Bacon Pepper, Blueberry Lemon, Power
* Muffins: Banana Nut, Blueberry Lime, Carrot
* Brownies: Chocolate Raspberry Ganache (65 % cocoa by weight), Blondie (white chocolate)


Organic Syrups by Routin 1883: Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Almond, Menthe, Coconut, Raspberry, Black Currant, Blackberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Mango, Tiramisu, Green Apple, and Lime.
We also offer a number of other flavors such as Mandarin Orange, Root Beer, Raw Sugar, and Simple Syrup
Chocolate Sauces – Three types of Ghirardelli chocolate to choose from: white, sweet, or dark
Organic Milk
Soy Milk